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Alternating Yellow and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • $185,000.00
10.07 Carat Fancy Deep Brown Yellow Marquise Cut Diamond Ring
  • $165,000.00
GIA 10.06 Carat Fancy Deep Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
  • $432,600.00
61.96 Carat Graduating Yellow and White Diamond Rivière Necklace
  • $1,120,000.00
33.97 Carat Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Yellow Gold
  • $190,000.00
Synonymous with luxury and elegance, high-end jewelry holds a special place in the hearts of jewelry lovers everywhere. Whether you’re an avid high jewelry collector, an amateur high-end jewelry enthusiast, or someone just beginning to dip your toes into the world of high jewelry, Roman Malakov has a wide selection that you simply have to see.

One of the most fantastic attributes of high-end jewelry is that it has proven timelessness. Not only is it gorgeous in its own way, but the designs are often decades old and quite classic in their styles. A vast majority of high jewelry will include diamonds in their settings, but many may also feature fancy-colored diamonds as well, such as blue, yellow, pink, and the rarest of all: red. From brilliant pendant necklaces and stunning cocktail rings to breathtaking dangle earrings, every piece of high-end jewelry has a unique story and original design attributes that make it what it is.

Some pieces of estate, vintage, and antique jewelry often fall into the category of high jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and earrings are sometimes created by the world’s most exclusive designers and then sold in elite jewelry shops across New York City’s Diamond District and other prominent locations. High jewelry necklaces from Tiffany and Co, high jewelry earrings from Bulgari, and high jewelry rings from Cartier are some of the exquisite options you’ll find in Roman Malakov’s collection.

No matter what variety of high jewelry you’re seeking, Roman Malakov can assist you in finding the perfect piece. Visit us at our Diamond District location or shop online today. You can also schedule a virtual consultation or set up a custom design appointment to take the first step toward your next piece of high-end jewelry.