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1.60 Carats Total Round Cut Ruby Eternity Wedding Band Ring in White Gold
  • $4,215.00
0.45 Carat Alternating White & Black Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $1,200.00
6.95 Carats Total Alternating Round Blue Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $22,000.00
5.49 Carats Total Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $21,750.00
9.94 Carats Total Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $58,500.00
2.16 Carats Total Alternating Mixed Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $4,200.00
0.98 Carat Total Channel-Set Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in White Gold
  • $2,460.00
17.83 Carats Total Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $118,000.00
1.61 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in White Gold
  • $3,750.00
3.37 Carats Total Oval Cut Half Green Emerald & Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in 18K Yellow Gold
  • $9,600.00
5.54 Carats Total Oval Cut Half Blue Sapphire & Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Yellow Gold
  • $10,400.00
4.27 Carats Total Mixed Cut Half Blue Sapphire & Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Yellow Gold
  • $8,600.00
3.83 Carats Total Mixed Cut Emerald & Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in 18K Yellow Gold
  • $11,000.00
1.77 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Yellow Gold
  • $4,750.00
1.34 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Yellow Gold
  • $3,750.00

Eternity Wedding Bands

 Eternity band wedding rings are designed to stand out. They are full of gorgeous diamonds and brilliance and pair well with a variety of other rings. They can be subtle and simple or big and bold, and eternity wedding bands always bring an air of sophistication and style to any hand they adorn.

Eternity Wedding Bands

Unlike a traditional wedding band that may only have a few stones along the top, an eternity band is designed so that the stones go all the way around the ring. This perfectly cyclical style of the eternity wedding bands offers an additional pop of sparkle and shine to your ring finger.

No matter how the ring spins around your finger, you will always see the gorgeous and uninterrupted beauty of an eternity wedding band. A diamond eternity ring is a perfect example of how an eternity wedding band can complement a variety of other rings while still making a statement of its own. Eternity wedding bands are also commonly referred to as infinity rings, and many couples select an eternity wedding band for how it symbolizes everlasting love. 

Couples can celebrate their infinite love for one another by selecting an eternity ring for women at Roman Malakov in NYC. Browse the most stunning collection of eternity wedding bands for her and select a timeless piece of jewelry to celebrate a wedding or anniversary with your loved one. 

Eternity Band Setting Styles

When picking the perfect wedding band to pair with your engagement ring, consider the different eternity band setting styles. The diamonds or gems that encircle your eternity band can come in a variety of styles and shapes. In fact, diamond eternity wedding bands have five major setting styles; scalloped or french pave, micro-pave, prong set, flush set, and channel set.

For example, a shared prong eternity band setting involves a ring of diamonds or gems with a continuous set of prongs that hold each gemstone in place. Meanwhile, a pave eternity band typically holds smaller diamonds and is a preferred setting style for more delicate eternity rings. Then there’s a multi-row pave eternity band, which adds more sparkle and flair to the traditional pave style while maintaining a smaller setting for gemstones. You may also want to look at U-shaped eternity band settings so that the band will fit better against your engagement ring. The sides of an eternity band can also add accent and flair with wave, pave, and gallery styles.

Eternity Band Stone Features

Diamond eternity wedding bands can complement your engagement ring as well as your personal style. When you think of an infinity ring to celebrate your special occasion, you may dream of a diamond eternity band to wear around you or your loved one’s finger. A diamond eternity ring is not only for engagements and weddings, but also a classic gift for anniversaries and celebrating the birth of a child. 

The stone features of eternity wedding bands can vary in size, shape, and color. Classic round diamonds that adorn diamond eternity wedding bands are the most popular and beloved of stone settings. There’s also the princess-cut diamond eternity wedding band, which involves strikingly symmetrical square-shaped diamonds encircling the entire ring. You can always make a statement with an oval eternity wedding band for a more unique take on the eternity band or go with a baguette eternity wedding band for a chic and modern aesthetic. And for even more sparkle and a more ornate and extravagant look, consider an eternity wedding band with halos around each individual diamond. Halo eternity wedding rings are a bit more modern in style, but regardless of what style they are, they are absolutely beautiful and are sure to bring delight to anyone.

In lieu of diamonds, consider selecting a pop of color to adorn your ring finger like an emerald eternity wedding band. Emeralds are often paired with diamonds because they signify abundance, balance, and harmony.

Eternity Band Gemstones and Metal Choice

If you want additional customization or a more unique eternity band wedding ring, you should consider gemstone accents in your ring. You may choose to alternate diamonds with sapphires, rubies, or another gemstone. We also have some eternity wedding bands that have a row of diamonds alongside a row of gemstones. Our wide selection of eternity wedding rings also includes some bands with just gemstones and no diamonds, which can add even more uniqueness and variety to your ring set. You may also opt for different colored diamonds to be included in your diamond eternity wedding band.

For further customization and even more options, our selection of eternity wedding bands comes with a range of metal options. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum are available for most eternity wedding bands at Roman Malakov. Most people prefer to match the metal of their eternity band wedding ring to their engagement ring, while others opt for multiple metals or even two-tone options for added chicness and elegance.

How to Choose an Eternity Wedding Band

Wedding band styles are unique to each couple, as they represent not only your personal style but also the love of your relationship. There are several ways you can choose an eternity wedding band that suits you best. 

While some couples prefer to pick out wedding bands for one another as a surprise, others like to shop together for the memorable occasion. The bride will want to pair her eternity wedding ring with her engagement ring for the most seamless and stunning look. You may want to choose an eternity wedding band based on the shape and style of your engagement ring. If you have a large center stone on an elegant gold band, you might consider a diamond eternity ring for a bit more sparkle and shine. But if your engagement ring has a halo and diamond or gem settings alongside it, then you may opt for a more subtle eternity wedding band that doesn’t steal the show.

An Eternity of Happiness Is One Ring Away

Shopping for eternity wedding bands should be exciting and enjoyable, so trust the staff at Roman Malakov for their expert advice and amazing customer service. Come into one of our NYC locations today or visit us online at any time. We look forward to serving you and helping you select the perfect eternity wedding ring.