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Cartier GIA Certified 13.46 Carats Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $708,000.00
Oscar Heyman 9.03 Carats Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold & Platinum
  • $235,000.00
26.69 Carats Total Mixed Cut Yellow & White Diamond Fashion Bracelet in Two-Tone
  • $88,600.00
2.33 Carats Total Mixed Cut Fancy Color & White Diamond Fashion Ring in Black Rhodium
  • $6,950.00


Vintage bracelets fall under the category of estate bracelets, as both are considered pre-owned, pre-loved, and incredibly valuable in their own ways.

One of the most appealing aspects of vintage bracelets is the story behind them. While we may not always have a story to share about our selection of estate bracelets, you can rest assured that each piece has been fully inspected and evaluated so that you’re getting a great price for a legitimate vintage piece. 

Because of the nature of vintage bracelets, we can only sell them when we have them— so if you love an antique diamond bracelet from Roman Malakov, get it before someone else does!


A signature piece to have in any collection, brooches perfectly capture the beauty of old glamour. While diamonds are the most popular stone to be included in brooches, gemstone accents of any kind are a stunning addition to many brooches. Sapphires, emeralds, and aquamarines are commonly included in brooches, making this vintage jewelry type easily paired with your modern jewelry.

Diamond brooches have been worn for hundreds of years and owning one lets you hold onto a small piece of history. These brooches often fall into three categories: estate, antique, and vintage.

A diamond brooch that is over 100 years old is referred to as an antique. These items are coveted among jewelry buyers because of their rarity. Vintage brooches are pieces of jewelry that are between 50 and 100 years old, so it could have been a style worn by your mother, grandmother, or even great-grandmother. Vintage styles tend to make their way back into fashion trends, which adds versatility to your more modern and fashion-forward ensembles. 


Many are drawn to vintage estate necklaces because of their history and how they represent fashion and style from another era. We value the uniqueness and historical essence of estate necklaces.

When it comes to estate jewelry, vintage necklaces are often passed down through generations and incorporated into each person’s current fashion and style. Many of these styles have remained classic with time, from the ornate designs of Victorian-era jewelry to the Art Deco designs of the 1930s.

Gold is the most classic metal used in vintage and antique jewelry. Solid vintage gold necklaces last forever, which makes them perfect estate jewelry to add to your collection. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that combines both vintage and modern styles, then consider platinum or vintage silver necklaces. 

Discover gorgeous antique and vintage necklaces from our curated estate collection which  include statement pieces made by Tiffany & Co, David Yurman, and Tracey Designs. Many antique and vintage necklaces are made with 14 and 18 karat gold and are designed with rare gemstones like diamonds, pearls, onyx, and lapis lazuli.


Estate jewelry engagement rings are a customer favorite, as the love for the history and the vintage aesthetic has grown. If you’re searching for a stunning wedding band and engagement ring top designers, we have a wide variety to choose from. If you’d rather just an estate jewelry engagement ring by itself, our fine estate jewelry collection includes some stunning art deco rings, three-stone rings, solitaires, and more.

Alternating stone wedding bands or right-hand rings, pearl and diamond rings, emerald or aquamarine cocktail rings, and onyx or turquoise rings are just a few of the options that are sure to turn heads and delight anyone who sees them.


Roman Malakov hand selects vintage estate watches from estates and individuals to provide you with a unique selection of classic timepieces. Vintage watches use older technology and mechanics and some of these styles are so rare they can only be found in certain kinds of antique wristwatches.

Some of the most coveted vintage estate watches include vintage diamond watches. Estate watches with diamonds are a unique investment for your jewelry collection. You will likely never see two watches that are the same, many vintage watches are also studded with rare gems to add a bit of sparkle and glamour. White gold and stainless steel are two of the most popular metals in our vintage estate watches. 


The trend of signed jewelry pieces by jewelry houses and makers began in the mid-1800s and the practice continued in popularity through the 20th century. Signed jewelry by some of the top jewelry makers in the world can add significant value; especially considering the maker and time period. 

When jewelry makers engrave the inside of a ring or the underside of a piece of jewelry, the piece is signed. Signed vintage jewelry can have a higher value than un-signed jewelry pieces; especially when the pieces are at least 50 years old.

Classic jewelry houses such as Harry Winston, Bulgari, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co. engrave their jewelry. It represents a personalized stamp that makes the piece of jewelry recognizable and unique. Vintage signed jewelry is valued by collectors around the world.

Vintage and antique signed jewelry is collectively referred to as estate jewelry when the pieces have had a previous owner. Many signed vintage estate jewelry pieces become more valuable when their previous owners were famous or high-profiled people in history. 

From 1850s pieces to those of the late 1900s, Roman Malakov has a unique collection of signed vintage pieces and estate jewelry to match any memorable occasion. Signed pieces of estate jewelry make for striking engagement rings, cocktail rings, necklaces, and brooches to be worn and adored.