Bangle Bracelets

With white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold options, our bangles are hinged for easy wear and removal, as well as for the utmost security while being worn. Choose from thin bangles with gorgeous diamond accents or thicker bangles with unique diamond designs, and wear them stacked or individually for a variety of gorgeous looks.


Find Diamond Bracelets only available at Roman Malakov

If you’re searching for other styles of diamond bracelets for women, you may look to our custom or retro collections. Our retro pieces are vintage-inspired and creatively designed with uniqueness and innovation in mind. Floral motifs abound in our retro collection, and the pieces are stunning enough to wear with any style of clothing and to any event. And if you’re looking for truly unique pieces, our custom bracelets are all about versatility and luxury. From links to beads to starbursts and more, our custom diamond bracelets will make you sparkle and shine wherever you go. Gemstone accents are seamlessly embedded into the design of many custom bracelets at Roman Malakov, and they are perfect additions to our diamond bracelets.

To explore our collection and learn more about our amazing selection of diamond bracelets for women, visit one of our New York locations or shop online.