When Less Is More: How Simple Jewelry Designs Make a Big Statement

Statement pieces of jewelry certainly have their place in the world. A large statement necklace paired with business casual attire or a pair of gorgeous statement earrings paired with an evening gown are sure to be stunning. However, sometimes in the world of fashion and accessories, less really is more. Simple jewelry designs are immensely popular right now, and for good reason. Simple jewelry is glamorous in its own way, and it displays class and elegance like few other jewelry designs can.

Minimalist and Layered

Wearing simple jewelry is a statement in and of itself. You don’t have to adorn your neck with ornate layers of metal and diamonds or your fingers with giant gemstones to make a statement with your jewelry. You can choose to make a statement with simple jewelry by embracing the minimalist style and simplifying your look. You may choose to wear only one bracelet and a simple necklace to let your outfit be the focal point of your ensemble. Or you might prefer to wear only stud diamond earring sand a few simple rings to embrace the subtle beauty of a minimalist look. A lot of simple jewelry designs include dainty, delicate pieces that can be worn individually, but they can also be worn with other simple pieces. Consider pairing pieces that are similar in style or shape, like triangle studs with a minimalist triangle pendant necklace, as well as some that have unique styles from one another, like different geometric patterns. This layered look will still be simple in appearance, but will have a touch of attention-grabbing beauty as well.

Geometric and Clean 

Geometric pieces tend to have sharp lines, harsh angles, and surprising shapes. They may be either symmetrical or asymmetrical, and they are often bold without being ornate or overbearing. In terms of simple jewelry designs, geometric pieces are usually made with thin lines of metal and are typically free of any gemstones or colors. The most common simple jewelry piece that typically has gemstones are stud earrings, which are simple by design, but very versatile. It can serve as a great foundation piece for a minimalist look. As you’re embracing geometric designs and shapes, make sure the jewelry pieces you’re choosing are also clean. This means the lines and details are fresh-looking and sharp, rather than super embellished or overbearing. It’s much easier to pair clean-cut designs with other minimalist styles for a subtle, understated look or for interesting layering along your wrist or neck .

Mixed Metal and Subdued Colors

Bright, bold colors are out when it comes to simple jewelry. A small pop of color here and there is fine, but most simplistic and minimalist jewelry pieces don’t have giant, bright-colored gemstones or very colorful details or adornments. In order to keep jewelry pieces from looking too boring, many designers have created pieces with more than one metal type to add stunning flair to an otherwise simple piece. If you don’t have any two-tone jewelry pieces, create a two-tone look by wearing jewelry made of different metals in a layered effect. Embrace the subdued colors, whether in metals, earth-tone gemstones, or other details of your jewelry. Maybe you select a brown or gray gemstone, such as a brown topaz, a chocolate opal, or gray agate. This look will give you elegance without being over the top or too bold. Many natural colored gemstones are beautifully paired with a variety of metals as well, meaning you can layer and mix and match multiple pieces with your natural-colored gemstone piece.

Quality and Meaning

When it comes down to your jewelry choices, it’s more important to be concerned with the quality and significance of your pieces than the overall look you’re going for. When you own high-quality jewelry, you’ll wear the pieces well and often. You should be less concerned with what outfit you’ll wear your new stud earrings with or what bracelet you’re going to pair with your new estate ring, and more focused on what the new piece means to you. At the same time, the quality of the piece is something to take into consideration. Most fashionistas strongly believe in quality over quantity, and we stand by that idea.


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