Jewelry For Black Tie Events

Black tie events are often exclusive and luxurious. They have a level of elegance and sophistication to them that other events don’t have. Common black tie events include fundraisers and charity balls, galas, evening weddings, and some cocktail parties. It’s important that you follow the guidelines for black tie attire to ensure you are showing proper respect to the host and not committing a fashion faux pas. 

Traditionally, men will wear tuxedos to black tie events, and women will wear floor-length gowns, typically in black or another darker, solid color. While women have a bit of flexibility in their black tie attire, men have pretty clear-cut expectations when it comes to their wardrobe. While black tie events are not typically the place to try out a new trend or be ultra-unique in your accessorizing, it’s still important to feel like yourself and show off your personality in your jewelry and wardrobe choices. 

Model is wearing a cluster pear and marquise cut diamond necklace weighing 41.21 carat total and a GIA certified 24.32 carat total pear shape diamond dangle earrings 

Match Black Tie Jewelry to Your Look

Roman Malakov has made a name for itself as a go-to for jewelry for galas, weddings, fundraisers, and other black tie events. If you’re unsure about what jewelry to wear to a black tie event, the professionals at Roman Malakov are happy to help. 

You’ll want to stick with traditional and elegant black tie jewelry. Gold, platinum, diamonds, and pearls are safe options, as they are both timeless and luxurious. If your attire is simple and stately, it will be easy to add some sparkling accessories and look amazing, but if your outfit is a little more flashy, you will likely need fewer jewelry pieces to avoid overdoing it. 

Here are a few general guidelines to ensure you’re making good decisions about your jewelry for a black tie event. 

Black Tie Bracelets

Depending on the style of your dress, you may or may not need a bracelet. But often, black tie gowns have higher necklines, meaning you won’t wear a necklace and may need to accessorize in another way. Bracelets are a simple and easy way to elevate an outfit and ensure your overall look is formal and luxurious. A diamond tennis bracelet, a classy gold bangle, or a sophisticated gemstone bracelet are classic choices.

Black Tie Rings

Black tie events are opportunities to wear your most cherished and elegant pieces of jewelry. Whether you’re looking for jewelry for a black tie wedding or another formal event, gorgeous rings are a must. Right-hand cocktail rings, stunning diamond rings, or bold gemstone rings are sure to be perfect additions to your striking ensemble.

Black Tie Necklaces

Your dress’s neckline will determine if you need a necklace and what type you should select. Sometimes, an elaborate statement diamond necklace will be the perfect final touch to your outfit, while other times, a simple pendant necklace will be the better choice. Be sure to make all your accessories cohesive by selecting the same metals and similar styles.

Black Tie Earrings

Earrings for black tie events will be chosen based on your dress and your hairstyle. If you’re opting for an updo and have a simple top to your dress, go with ornate chandelier earrings or striking dangles. If your dress is a little more detailed up top or you’re wearing your hair down, you might select simple diamond studs or subtle pearl earrings.

Model is wearing a GIA certified 23.45 carat total fancy intense yellow and white diamond necklace, 14.54 carat yellow emerald cut diamond three-stone engagement ring, 14.35 carats total natural fancy color diamond chandelier earrings and 11.90 carat total two-tone fancy color diamond halo tennis bracelet


What jewelry looks good with black?

Although black tie events don’t require women to wear black, it is a popular and safe choice for many. One of the perks of wearing black is that you can opt for more glamorous jewelry for a gala or other event without overwhelming the dress. The other benefit of wearing black is that nearly any type of jewelry looks good with it. You can choose any variety of gold or platinum, plus nearly any gemstone will pop against the black.

What kind of earrings do you wear to a black tie event?

When selecting jewelry for a black tie event, pay attention to the entire look as a whole. While nearly every formal gown will work with earrings, the type of earrings will depend on a lot of factors. Consider the cut and color of your dress, how your hair is styled, and what other jewelry you’re wearing. You can’t go wrong with natural diamond or pearl studs, but you may be able to wear dangles, drop earrings, chandeliers, or other more ornate earrings. You can wear nearly any kind of earrings as black tie jewelry, but you must ensure it is cohesive with the rest of your look. 

What should you not wear to black tie events?

The biggest piece of advice when accessorizing for a black tie event is to be glamorous but not over the top. This is the time to wear your most luxurious jewelry pieces, so you should skip over your everyday pieces that get a lot of wear. That said, jewelry for a black tie event should not include things like acrylic, resin, natural materials, or anything exceptionally unique. It is all about sparkle, finesse, and luxury, and it’s important to make a statement of exclusivity and glamor. 

Does gold or silver go better with black?

Both silver and gold pair beautifully with black, so if your attire is primarily black, you truly cannot go wrong with silver, white gold, or yellow gold. While silver and white gold create more contrast, yellow gold creates unbeatable warmth and timelessness.

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