The Most Popular Diamond Cuts of 2023

The Most Popular Diamond Cuts of 2023

It should come as no surprise that picking out the diamond for a piece of jewelry is one of the most important aspects of how the final piece of jewelry looks. The 4Cs of diamonds impact the sparkle and appearance of the diamond more than most other aspects of the jewelry, so selecting the perfect stone is an essential part of ensuring the jewelry is perfect for you. 


Diamond Cuts


While the 4Cs of diamonds–color, cut, clarity, and carat–are certainly important, there is one other feature that we believe to be just as impactful in the final product: the diamond shape. Many confuse diamond shape with cut, but they are not one and the same. The cut of the diamond refers to the number of facets a stone has, as well as how deep or shallow the stone is. For oblong shapes like marquise, pear, and emerald, the cut can also involve the ratio of length to width. As for the shape, it refers to the actual outside shape of the stone, such as round, oval, pear, or heart. 

That said, for the purpose of this blog, we are using the terms “diamond cut” and “diamond shape” interchangeably. We want to dive into the most popular diamond shapes of 2023 so you can make the best decision regarding your next piece of jewelry. For example, you may wish to opt for a timeless and classic shape that seems to never go out of style, or you might prefer a trendier shape that has ebbed and flowed in popularity over the years. Regardless of what style you’re hoping to achieve, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect stone and jewelry at Roman Malakov. Our selection of diamond engagement rings, right-hand rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more are sure to strike your fancy and get you excited about bringing home a new piece of jewelry. 

According to our jewelry experts, here are the most popular diamond cuts of 2023.



Without a doubt, the most popular diamond cut of all time is the round-cut diamond. This shape has been iconic and timeless since it first came about in the 17th century. It epitomizes the luxury of diamonds and is as sophisticated and elegant as can be. We don’t see round-cut diamonds going anywhere anytime soon, so if you opt for this shape in your engagement ring, earrings, or brand-new bracelet, you can be sure it will be on-trend for decades to come.



A close second to round, the cushion-cut diamond is stunning in its design. The overall shape is generally square, but the rounded corners give it a softer feel that is incredibly elegant. As the second most popular diamond shape, cushion-cut diamonds are often seen in engagement rings. They are well-suited for both traditional and modern styles, making them extremely versatile. Their sparkle rivals that of a round stone, and they are often the shape of choice for many gemstones as well, such as those found in gemstone necklaces and right-hand rings



Perhaps the newest shape to add to the list of newly popular stone cuts is the oval. While long-cherished for their traditional and elegant look, oval diamonds have seen a recent uptick in popularity that they didn’t have just a few years ago. Oval-cut stones have more surface area than round stones of similar weights, making them appear larger. Their elongated shape also adds length to the finger, so the overall look is more luxurious. Many celebrities have embraced oval stones in their own jewelry as well, adding to their popularity. 



Emerald-shaped stones have earned themselves a place among popular diamond cuts due to their classic elegance and artistic appearance. Their step-cut, rectangular appearance offers a stunning silhouette and gorgeous angular lines, making clarity and color of utmost importance with this cut. While not as sparkly as the first three shapes on our list, emerald-cut diamonds have a hall of mirrors effect that captures dramatic flashes of light for optimal beauty.



As one of the newest cuts in existence, the radiant-shaped stone is one of the most popular diamond cuts of the year due to its insane sparkle and interesting shape. It’s a sort of hybrid cut, with the step cuts of an emerald on top and the facet cuts of a round stone on the bottom. This combination makes the radiant shape not only stunning in overall appearance but also unique in the way that it reflects light. Radiant stones are often found in diamond rings and necklaces as a striking focal point of the jewelry. 



The princess cut stone is the most popular diamond cut with an overall square shape. With its sharp corners, bold lines, and brilliant sparkle, princess cut diamonds are simply beautiful. They are glamorous in their own right, and they work best in modern, geometric styles. These stones are often more inexpensive than round-cut diamonds, but they should be set in protective pieces due to their shape, as the corners can chip or the stones can fall out of settings if they’re not properly secured. 


Most Popular Diamond Cuts for the NYC Diamond District

As you begin your journey of selecting the perfect stone for your new piece of jewelry, trust the experts at Roman Malakov to guide you. Their expertise and advice will be invaluable as you seek to create the ideal piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one. They can help you compare styles, stones, and features, as well as balance the 4Cs of diamond quality as you select the perfect stone. 

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