How to Wear a Diamond Tennis Bracelet: Fashion Tips & Style Guide


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Diamond tennis bracelets are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. Pair them with any style of clothing and all other types of jewelry. They are also suitable for nearly every event and outing. Perhaps you already own one or a few tennis bracelet styles, or maybe you’re currently on the hunt for the perfect diamond tennis bracelet to match your personal taste and style. From tennis bracelet fashion tips to jewelry styling tips and more, here is all the information you need for how to wear tennis bracelet jewelry.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Style Guide

Embrace the hottest jewelry fashion tips with Roman Malakov’s jewelry style guide for tennis bracelets. This guide walks you through selecting the perfect diamond tennis bracelet for yourself or a loved one and gives you jewelry wearing tips to make the most out of your newest purchase.


It’s important to know the two biggest factors in the quality of a tennis bracelet: the metal and the stones. Most come in gold or platinum, which are the best options for a durable, everyday piece of jewelry. If the bracelet has a different metal, it may alter your ability to wear it daily or with other jewelry. Second, the quality of the stones will directly affect the sparkle and shine of your diamond tennis bracelet.

Styles and Settings

Tennis bracelet styles can be as unique as the women wearing them. Some contain one row of diamonds, while others have two or three rows. Round-cut diamonds are common, as are emerald-cut or princess-cut stones. Some may feature prong-set diamonds, while other tennis bracelet styles contain channel-set or bezel-set diamonds. Incorporating more than one tennis bracelet lets you embrace several jewelry wearing tips to mix and match different styles.


If you’re purchasing a tennis bracelet as a gift for a loved one, it is beneficial to compare their personal style with a jewelry style guide like this one. This way, you can choose one well-suited to their personal preferences. Diamond tennis bracelet styles are so varied yet so adaptable to personal styles, and they make an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, retirement, and more. Additionally, it is incredibly easy to master how to wear tennis bracelet jewelry, meaning even someone who doesn’t own much jewelry can follow these jewelry styling tips.


Bracelets are easy to resize, and even one that doesn’t fit perfectly is wearable in most cases. The average size for women’s tennis bracelets is between 7 and 7.5 inches, which is a good starting place if you’re not certain what size you need. You can adjust smaller or larger if you think the recipient (or yourself) has smaller or larger wrists. Jewelry wearing tips for tennis bracelets recommend between half an inch and one inch larger than the wrist so they slide up and down the arm easily, without being loose enough to fall off the hand.

Tennis Bracelet Fashion Tips

This style guide so far will help you purchase a new bracelet, but you may also want jewelry fashion tips for how to wear your new pieces. Almost anything goes when it comes to tennis bracelet fashion tips, but the style guide below gives more detailed jewelry styling tips for your tennis bracelet.

Pair with Other Jewelry

Diamond tennis bracelets are designed for beauty, durability, and versatility. They can be worn with other pieces on the same wrist and often look best that way. You might pair a fashion watch with your tennis bracelet, or you can stack other high-fashion bracelets with it. They also work well as complementary pieces to gorgeous diamond earrings, bold statement necklaces, and stunning cocktail rings.

Wear Them by Themselves

Many diamond tennis bracelet styles speak volumes on their own. They don’t need to be worn in conjunction with other jewelry, even for fancier events. They provide just the right amount of sparkle, sophistication, and style as a stand-alone piece, and they exude elegance and beauty when paired with any variety of clothing.

Wear Them Every Day

Casual enough to wear on a daily basis, tennis bracelets are the perfect addition to any outfit. From a day at the office to an evening out with the girls to a morning coffee run, diamond tennis bracelets are suitable in any and all situations. While you should avoid wearing them while showering or sleeping, almost every other instance warrants some sparkle.

Wear Them for Special Events

You can’t have a list of tennis bracelet fashion tips without including advice for special events. At important celebrations, corporate events, or other momentous occasions, a tennis bracelet elevates your look and displays elegant sophistication. This is the perfect time to keep it simple and chic with one or two tennis bracelets. 


Should you wear a tennis bracelet with a watch?

As long as the style of your watch complements the style of your tennis bracelet, go for it! You might not want to pair an athletic-style watch with a fancy diamond tennis bracelet if your overall style is less adventurous. If your aesthetic is more eclectic, embrace more unique pairings.

How do I wear a diamond tennis bracelet?

If you’re not sure how to wear a diamond tennis bracelet, hopefully the jewelry fashion tips above are useful. If you still need help, schedule a virtual consultation with Roman Malakov, or come visit the NYC store for more jewelry styling tips.

Can you wear a diamond tennis bracelet every day?

Absolutely! That’s part of their charm and versatility. They can be worn during casual day events, elegant evenings out, and everything in between. The original tennis bracelet meaning came from professional tennis player Chris Evert, who dropped her diamond bracelet in the middle of a tennis match! If they can be worn during athletic events, they can certainly be worn regularly for less active occasions.

Are diamond tennis bracelets out of style?

The short answer is, “absolutely not!” Because of their classic beauty and timeless sophistication, diamond tennis bracelets are just as in-style and popular now as they were 30 years ago. These beautiful bracelets will remain at the top of must-have classic jewelry items for many years.