How to Choose Wedding Jewelry You'll Love

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As your big day draws closer, your excitement to finalize some of the last details grow larger. The wedding playlist, the seating arrangement, and the small elements of the décor are on your list, but you also realize you haven’t chosen your wedding day jewelry yet! 

You may feel like you have no idea where to begin when it comes to what jewelry to wear with a wedding dress, so you start with an online search for bridal jewelry ideas and come across Roman Malakov. Rest assured—you’re in the right place! We have an extensive and gorgeous jewelry selection full of beautiful pieces that are sure to suit your personal style.

Our jewelry experts are available to help you select the perfect jewelry for your big day that not only pairs beautifully with your dress but that also suits your individuality and the look and feel you’re going for on your wedding day. Check out some of our fun wedding jewelry ideas, and then take a look at our top tips for choosing the perfect wedding day jewelry for the bride.

Fun Wedding Jewelry Ideas

The key to finding the perfect jewelry for your wedding day is to explore a wide variety of options. Even if you can’t imagine liking a certain style like pearl wedding jewelry, take a look at some and envision it with your wedding dress. If you are positive you want bold wedding jewelry, be sure to look at some dainty wedding jewelry, too. You might just be surprised at what you find yourself gravitating toward!

Don’t be afraid to try something unique when it comes to your wedding accessories and jewelry. You don’t want your look to be forced or unlike you, but unique pieces can add a level of fun and interest to your overall look. Not to mention, they can make for some gorgeous photographs.

Be willing to embrace the location and setting of your ceremony, too. If you’re getting married on the beach, don’t shy away from traditional beach wedding jewelry, such as pieces with starfish, shells, or pearls. Or, if you’re getting married at a remote location in the mountains, consider fun bridal jewelry with nature-inspired motifs such as flowers or leaves.

You might also wish to incorporate “something old” into your bridal jewelry. Perhaps a necklace from a grandmother or earrings from your mom are the statement pieces that compliment your wedding dress. Or maybe you come across some stunning vintage bridal jewelry that would pair beautifully with your dress. Adding some of the traditional old, new, borrowed, and blue items into your wedding jewelry ideas can be both fun and stunning.

5 Tips for Choosing Bridal Jewelry

Whether you feel prepared to make a jewelry selection or are completely lost about how to choose wedding jewelry, we’re here to help. With these top tips for choosing what kind of jewelry to wear at your wedding, you’ll be narrowing down your options and making the perfect choice in no time.

1. Consider Your Neckline

This is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind, particularly when selecting a necklace. Strapless wedding dress jewelry, for instance, will look different than jewelry that goes well with a wedding dress with a halter top. For higher necklines, you might wish to forego a necklace completely in lieu of dangling earrings. For a V-neck or sweetheart neckline, a pendant necklace or a shorter chain or choker-style necklace will be perfect.

2. Less Is More

Although the trend may be to go over the top with your wedding jewelry, remember that your dress is the star of the show, and the jewelry is only meant to accompany and complement it. Maintain the mantra that less is more! Not only does this mean you can stay a little more modest with simple wedding jewelry, but it also means you can opt-out of some jewelry pieces entirely. For example, rather than a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet, you might wish to wear only earrings and a diamond tennis bracelet.

3. Explore Different Metals

You might be tempted to pick simple wedding jewelry that matches the metal of your engagement and wedding rings. But that’s not a hard and fast rule, and you definitely don’t have to do that. Instead, you might consider metals that pair well with the color or fabric of your wedding dress, or go with some mixed metal pieces. Typically, bright whites look best with platinum or white gold, while ivory and cream pair well with yellow gold. If your dress has pink undertones, consider rose gold wedding jewelry.

4. Prioritize Personal Style

Bridal jewelry ideas are all over Pinterest and other social media, and Hollywood has set the bar pretty high when it comes to wedding dress jewelry. But you should always prioritize your personal style and design preferences when it comes to your wedding jewelry, regardless of what’s trendy at the time. Explore wedding jewelry ideas that you love and feel right for you. They can match your dress, wedding décor, personality, and style preferences.

5. Be Flexible

You can absolutely switch things up at any moment when it comes to wedding jewelry. Maybe you don’t want to wear big earrings during the ceremony because they conflict with your veil. That’s totally fine—wear your veil and maybe some simple pearl bridal jewelry for the ceremony, and then when you take the veil off for the reception, put on your big sparkling dangly earrings. Remember, the choice is yours.

Shop Wedding Jewelry at Roman Malakov

When you’re ready to begin exploring bridal jewelry ideas in person, visit Roman Malakov. Our Diamond District store is staffed with the most professional and knowledgeable jewelry associates in the industry, and they would love the opportunity to help you select the perfect bridal jewelry for your big day. Whether you’re searching for simple wedding jewelry or unique boho bridal jewelry, Roman Malakov has an incredible selection of beautiful pieces that you are sure to love.