Best Anniversary Gifts for Her

She takes your breath away and stops you in your tracks. She still ignites butterflies in your stomach and makes you grin like no one else can. Whether it’s been one year or 50, your wife is still your best friend and the love of your life. When you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary with your bride, you want to show her that you love her even more today than on the day you said, “I do.” Anniversary gifts for her can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding the perfect one, but we’ve broken down the best high-end gift ideas into a few categories to help you out. Whether you’re looking for something unique, something romantic, or something personalized, our guide to the best anniversary gifts for her will give you several great ideas to show your love just how much you adore her.  

Unique Anniversary Gifts for Her 

Jewelry is a classic anniversary gift and you can never go wrong with giving your bride something beautiful and sparkly. Even in our category of unique anniversary gifts for her, jewelry has its place. One of the most common gifts is an upgraded engagement or wedding ring to represent the immense joy of the relationship. But if you’re looking for something more unique, consider uncommon jewelry options, like a necklace or bracelet. Think about that moment in Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts receiving a diamond necklace to wear for the night! Every woman dreams of a moment like that, and you can deliver it with our incredibly selection of stunning necklaces.  You can take the diamonds a step further and truly get your love’s heart beating by including gemstones, such as a sparkling sapphire or a deep ruby necklace. A gemstone necklace will stand out among her friends and become a cherished and beloved piece of jewelry that will always remind her of your love.   Jewelry trends are beginning to influence anniversary presents even more, especially with the rise in bangles and sparkling bracelets shining through in fashion spreads. Not only are our bracelets sure to take her breath away, but you can pick out the perfect one based on her style preferences. Maybe she loves floral and nature motifs, or perhaps she prefers simple, subtle diamond bracelets. Whether she loves yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, we have the perfect unique anniversary gift that she is sure to adore. 

Every girl loves accessories, and we’re guessing that your high-class gal is no different. Depending on her personal style and what she already owns, you could select one or a few gorgeous accessories to add to her closet. A stunning designer handbag, a brand new leather wallet, a fashionable belt, a luxurious scarf, or a classy and chic pair of sunglasses are all great options.  

While it’s a common joke that men should never give women appliances for any occasions, kitchenware is actually an incredible gift, particularly if she loves having guests over, spends a lot of time cooking for the family, or simply needs some kitchenware updates. When you show that you really notice what she says about her current kitchenware and that you know how passionate she is about serving others in her kitchen, she’ll be thankful for the heartfelt gift from the one who knows her best. Some especially unique kitchenware gift ideas include a wine cooler, a professional-level ice cream machine, a high-end coffee and espresso machine, an inferno infrared grill, and a pancake-making robot. When you think about the shared fun you can have in the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. 

Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Her 

Anniversary gifts are all about showing her how much you love her. Romantic anniversary gifts are ones that will make her remember that you adore her and would do absolutely anything to make her happy and feel loved. One of the most romantic gift ideas is to upgrade her diamond engagement ring. Maybe you’ve been married for just a few years or maybe you have several decades of marriage under your belt, but. what better time than now? Surprise her with a romantic trip to Roman Malakov to trade in her current ring and upgrade to anything her heart desires. Maybe her style has changed since you popped the question, or maybe she dreams of a larger center diamond with sapphire accents. No matter what she wants in her new diamond ring, we can help you find it, and she’ll be swept off her feet by your thoughtfulness, generosity, and romanticism.  

Perhaps one of the best ideas for a romantic anniversary gift is to spend quality time with her doing something she loves. Maybe it’s a weekend trip away where you spend your days doing wine tastings, getting pampered at the spa, and lounging by the pool. Maybe it’s about taking her to that resort she’s always talking about or going on that cruise she’s been mentioning. Whatever trip you take, ensure that you do what she wants to do each day and that you get plenty of quality time together. 

If you have to be apart on your anniversary, even for just a portion of the day, consider the romance of consistently delivered gifts. Have something set to be delivered to her every hour or a few times throughout the day: Long-lasting roses to start the day, a coffee-focused gift for late morning, a spa product and pampering basket after that, a box of upscale candy after lunch, and a fruit and nut or wine and cheese basket for the evening. Various places on the Internet offer gift basket deliveries of every kind imaginable, and she’ll love the romance behind the constant surprises and knowing you’re thinking about her all day long. 

Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Her 

Personalized gifts are often incredibly heartfelt, but sometimes they can also be just incredibly awesome. Personalization may be as specific as getting her name or your wedding date engraved on something beautiful or getting your last name put on something you display in the home. But it can also be about getting something that is just so completely perfect. Maybe you register her for a class she’s always wanted to take, like couples ballroom dancing, survival training courses by the CIA, or baking classes. Take her indoor skydiving, go see a Broadway show, or get her helicopter flight lessons.  

Since jewelry is a popular and well-loved anniversary gift, we have to include an option in the personalized category as well. While we discussed the romanticism of upgrading her engagement ring, you can also take it to another level and upgrade her wedding band. She may have chosen a small, simple band when you were planning your wedding due to budgetary constraints, or maybe she has simply evolved in her taste and style. Our wedding band selection includes thin, delicate bands with pave diamonds, stunning eternity bands with gemstone accents, and wider gold wedding bands with uniquely cut diamonds that are sure to sparkle like the sun. Bring her to Roman Malakov during an afternoon out and surprise her with a personalized wedding band upgrade that is sure to take her breath away. 

Other personalized anniversary gifts for her can include different pieces of wall art or home décor. Maybe you have someone write your wedding vows in calligraphy on a giant canvas or you get professional photos taken and have them printed and framed. Maybe you get a picture of your house painted on a canvas, ornament, or plate, or you commission a piece of original artwork just for her. Whatever personalized gift you select for her, be sure it shows your undying love and devotion in a way that she’ll never forget. 

When It Comes to the Perfect Anniversary Jewelry for Her, Visit Roman Malakov 

The best anniversary gifts are always personal and reflect parts of your partner’s personality. Come visit us at our New York stores or feel free to contact us to discover the right piece of jewelry that will make your love’s eyes sparkle just as much as they did when you first met.