A Guide on How to Sell Jewelry and Where to Sell Jewelry

Jewelry Selling Guide: Tips and Tricks

If you have a few or several pieces of jewelry in your possession that you don’t wear or no longer want, you may wish to sell your jewelry. But knowing how to sell jewelry properly, safely, and wisely can make all the difference when it comes to clearing out your jewelry box and putting a few dollars in your pocket. It may seem simple enough to do an online search for “sell jewelry near me,” and just stop by the first place that shows up in your search results, but that is not likely to bring you the best return or experience. If you are using “sell gold jewelry near me” as your search phrase and want to get the best outcome, you need to do further research to figure out what to look for in a trusted, reliable jeweler.

At Roman Malakov, we are jewelry buyers near you who staff the most experienced jewelry experts who understand the sentimentality behind your pieces and always interact with patrons with the utmost respect and integrity. We offer the best fair market prices for your pieces, and we aim to cherish and honor each piece that is sold to us. Our commitment is to not only take care of the jewelry you sell to us, but also educate you on the best way to sell jewelry and be upfront with you about the true value of your pieces. If you want to learn more about where to sell jewelry or how to sell gold jewelry, or if you are ready to begin the process of exploring your options, read on for our best tips for how to sell jewelry in NYC (or anywhere).

Do’s and Don’ts of How to Sell Jewelry

If you’re searching for a place to sell your jewelry, you need to make sure you’re prepared for all the options that are out there and all the decisions you’ll have to make. Finding a reputable place where you can sell your jewelry is a good start, but more goes into it than just that. 

  • Don’t Make Hasty Decisions

Depending on the reason you’re selling your jewelry, it can be tempting to grab at the first offer that comes your way. You might be thinking about those “quick and easy” sell jewelry from home programs, or you might even want to buy into a “how to sell jewelry” program that promises get-rich-quick schemes and overnight success. While you can make decent money selling jewelry, making hasty decisions is not what’s going to get you to that point. You don’t want your pieces undervalued and you don’t want to sell immediately without doing your research and knowing your facts, so it’s best to play the long game with selling old jewelry and really take your time to get the best offer.

  • Do Get a Professional Appraisal

While some buyers make offers based on the weight of a piece, jewelry often has more value than just the fair market price of the metal and stones. If the piece is vintage, unique, or has intricate designs, it is likely worth more than just the base price of its components. Getting a professional appraisal will give you a starting point with valuing your jewelry, and it may even help you get more money for your pieces in the end.

  • Do Educate Yourself on Your Pieces

It’s important to know what you have when you’re looking to sell diamond jewelry and more. Knowing what type of metal your pieces are made of and if they have any historical or design significance is hugely important to their overall value. This is not only important when you’re trying to sell the piece for someone to resell it as-is—it’s also important if you’re trying to sell gold to be melted and reused, since different types of gold sell for different prices. Getting an appraisal can help with this important “do” and so can doing some research if your jewelry has any sort of marking, stamp, or distinctive characteristic on it.

  • Do Shop Around Before Selling

If you’re starting at a reputable jewelry buyer, you may not need to go to multiple places to secure the best offer. However, it’s not a bad idea to visit or talk to a few different places to sell jewelry to get an idea of what they might buy your pieces for. Some places may desire to purchase your jewelry for their components, such as the gemstones and the metal, to be used in other pieces. Other shops may want to resell your jewelry as-is due to their beauty and individuality. If you feel strongly about your pieces being handled one way or another, it’s a good idea to look at a few different places.

  • Don’t Overestimate the Worth of Your Jewelry

This is a tricky one, but it’s a common mistake when people begin searching for a place to “sell my jewelry.” It can be hard to put a price tag on something that you cherish or have had for a long time, and it can be difficult to hear that it’s not worth as much as you hoped. But if you’re prepared to get offers that are more in line with the market value of gold rather than sentimental significance, you can be more realistic about which offers are good and reasonable. Knowing that selling gold jewelry near you may not make you rich, but it can put some extra money in your pocket, which is always a good thing.

  • Do Protect Yourself During the Process

Keep records of what you’re selling, including photographs, and get everything written out when you get offers or make a sale. Even with reputable buyers, it’s important to protect yourself and know what to expect throughout the process. Find out about what would happen in the event of a loss or problem with the jewelry buyer, and be sure to get an appraisal to cover yourself as well.

Where to Sell Jewelry

Here at Roman Malakov, we know that you can go almost anywhere to sell diamond jewelry, but we would love to have you come into our Diamond District location to learn about our jewelry buying policies and offers. Whether you want to share some of your gorgeous estate pieces with the world or make some extra cash for unworn jewelry, we can help. Not only will we give you an excellent offer for the market value of your unwanted pieces, but we will also offer top dollar for anything that we plan to resell as-is. We love being able to purchase long-cherished pieces from our patrons and help our customers discover the beauty in them. You can contact us today to inquire about our jewelry buying experience, or you can book a consultation online to have us look at your pieces.