Deborah B.

We had some issues trying to find the perfect jewelers to accommodate our request at such short notice for my wedding ring. It was suggested by a friend to try Roman Malakov jewelers. 

Boris managed to put us at ease very quickly and before long we were communicating our desires as he guided us through the process. He was very sympathetic about our feelings of not knowing him/his company and that we were putting down a significant amount of money towards something neither of us knew very much about. 

Not knowing in the beginning of what we wanted, Boris was very much patient and accommodating about that. He worked with us, calculating figures on how wide or thick we wanted my band, how much detail and how much bling. Even though I had no idea what I wanted, he came up with different options to accommodate my likes and dislikes. The end product was stunning! From choosing the ring to having it made and delivered in a timeless fashion, took 10 days. Everything about communicating with Boris exceeded our expectations along with the price. We were so excited by the time we signed on the dotted line not to mention when the ring arrived in a beautiful presentation box. 

Everyone who has seen the ring was surprised to hear our we acted on faith with this man and how stunning my ring is. 

In short, if you're thinking about purchasing a wedding ring or any other piece of jewelry, then look no further Roman Malakov jewelers is the place to go. The experience and professionalism really is once in a lifetime. Thank you, Boris!