When you need another accessory for your outfit, look no further than Roman Malakov’s selection of band or fashion  rings. From subtle and classy to bold and breathtaking, we have every type of ring you could want, all in a variety of sizes, metal options, stone accents, and more. While diamond engagement rings are some of our most popular rings, we also carry a variety of diamond rings that can be worn or gifted for other purposes, such as an anniversary, a birthday, as a promise ring, or just because. Cocktail rings are more of a statement accessory than just a piece of jewelry, and they are stunning additions to your most sophisticated looks. Fashion and gemstone rings are all about expressing your personal style and make amazing gifts for any woman.

No matter what type of diamond rings or other ring type you’re searching for, Roman Malakov’s incredible selection offers versatile options and absolutely beautiful rings.



Rings are amazing pieces of jewelry. They can be subtle and casual, or they can be boldly elegant. They can be a quick and easy addition to an everyday outfit, or the focal point of a sophisticated look for an important event. Whether you’re looking to buy a ring for yourself or for someone significant in your life, we are sure to have just what you’re looking for.

We offer cocktail rings that are bold, stunning, and fabulous. From diamond rings to gemstone rings, our collection of cocktail rings will dress up your look for any occasion. Sapphires, emeralds, spinels, and aquamarines are often the center stones in cocktail rings, and they are commonly surrounded or accented by diamonds of various sizes and shapes.

Diamond rings are classic and timeless, even when they come in unique and innovative designs. From thin bands hosting one diamond to thick, bold bands covered in diamonds, remember that diamond rings don’t have to be extravagant to be beautiful. However, if extravagant and bold is more your style, we carry triple halo diamond rings, intertwined diamond band rings, fancy yellow diamond rings, and more. Diamond rings make excellent promise rings, both when given between significant others and family members.

Fashion rings are all about being trendy, and it makes sense that our fashion ring collection is made up primarily of ever-popular, timeless diamond rings. Fashion rings are common ly worn as right-hand rings, and many fashion rings are larger in size and made up of intricate designs and beautiful patterns. Various metal options and occasional gemstone accents make our fashion ring collection complete and versatile.

While some gemstone rings also fall into the category of cocktail rings, gemstone rings are simply any ring that has a gemstone in it as the focal point. Sapphires are probably the most popular gemstone for this type of ring, but any gemstone will do. Some other popular stones include rubies, aquamarines, tsavorites, and emeralds. Birthstone rings are also increasing in popularity among gift givers. 

If you’re looking for gold rings with any variety of diamonds and gemstones, Roman Malakov has a variety of choices. Some rings are made of multiple metals, such as both yellow gold and white gold, while others are made up of just one type of gold, like rose gold. Other metal types certainly have their place in jewelry, but when it comes to diamond rings and other stylish rings, gold is the most preferred metal type.

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