10.65 Carat Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The radiant cut diamond is a gorgeous conglomeration of brilliant facets, similar to those of a round diamond, in the shape similar to an emerald-cut diamond. Developed in the late 1970s, the radiant diamond was the very first diamond to have a rectangular shape and brilliant facets. These characteristics make it sparkle and shine like few other stone shapes. 

As only about 2% of the world’s diamonds are sold as radiant cuts, having one will make you and your jewelry stand out. 

What Is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

Because it is a less commonly known diamond shape, many people find themselves asking, “What is a radiant cut diamond?” A radiant cut diamond can either be square or rectangular in its overall shape, with its corners “cut off” in a diagonal. While a radiant cut is sometimes confused with a cushion cut, the radiant is more angular than rounded. Its overall silhouette is similar to that of an emerald, although its actual facets are quite different. This makes a radiant diamond an ideal choice for someone who loves the contours of an emerald but prefers the brilliant sparkle of a round diamond.

Radiant Cut Diamond Rings & Jewelry – Guide

When searching for the perfect radiant diamond, you have a lot to consider. Fortunately, our diamond professionals have put together this handy guide for you as a starting point. So whether you’re searching for radiant cut diamond engagement rings, right-hand radiant cut diamond rings, or loose radiant-shaped diamonds, you’ll discover the ins and outs of this stunning and unique diamond shape.


While most diamond shapes are distinctive with one solitary look, the radiant cut diamond is different. It can be cut into two shapes: the square radiant cut diamond or the rectangular radiant cut diamond. Each of these is unique in its own right. Your decision will likely be based on personal preference as well as what you’ll be setting the diamond in. Most people prefer elongated radiant cut engagement rings because they like the length and how it sometimes would look larger on the finger.


When you’re deciding between a square radiant cut diamond and a rectangular radiant cut diamond, you will want to explore the ratios of each. While the ratio isn’t an indicator of how much the diamond will sparkle, know that it does have an impact on the overall appearance of the diamond, particularly once it is set. For most square stones, the ratio for a radiant diamond should be between 1.00 and 1.05. For a rectangular shape, the ideal ratio is around 1.25, although it can range from 1.08 to 1.36 or more.


While white and colorless diamonds are an obvious first choice for all diamond shapes, the radiant diamond is also beautiful in other unique and fancy colors. Because of their faceting structure and the depth of the diamond, the tones are often deeper and more saturated in this cut than in others, making them especially beautiful and sparkly. For example, for a radiant cut diamond ring, you might opt for diamond in the colorless to near-colorless range; whereas for a pendant necklace, a slightly tinted radiant cut diamond would be possible also.


As with any diamond, the setting is hugely important to the overall look of the stone. You’ll want to explore the other features that you may wish to be included in your radiant cut diamond settings. For example, a radiant cut diamond with a halo and side stones will look very different from a solitaire rectangular radiant cut diamond ring. If you’re looking at individual stones outside of a piece of jewelry, you will still want to think about how you plan to set those stones. An elongated radiant cut diamond ring, for instance, will require a different clarity and carat than radiant cut diamond earrings. It’s also helpful to have settings in mind when you’re exploring loose diamonds.

31.36 Carat Radiant Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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