Watches are one of the best jewelry items to own because they are so versatile. Not only can they elevate an outfit, make a bold statement, and represent generations of familial connection, but they are also highly practical and serve an important purpose. Watches are one of the most popular accessories available today. Women and men alike love to collect watches and swap them out to match outfits and ensembles for different events.

When you’re searching for a diamond watch to add to your collection, you should explore different options to ensure the watch meets your needs and suits your personal style preferences. Here at Roman Malakov, we carry a variety of exceptional pieces, from rose gold diamond watches to luxury watches. In NYC, Roman Malakov is the go-to Diamond District store for modern, vintage, and estate watches. All of our exquisite watches are pre-owned or estate watches. We are proud to carry a number of well-known and exclusive brands, including Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and more.

Custom Diamond Watches for Women

Diamond watches for women have a wide range of price points with various customization options. If you’re considering a diamond watch, you may want to begin by narrowing down metal types and watch face shapes. Next, discover watch band widths and explore the intricate details that make the watch truly unique. Some watches can replace the band completely or switch out a leather band for a metal band or a diamond watch band. Other customization options include unique cases, different dials, and alternate second hands. If there is a specific watch or brand you are looking for, Roman Malakov can create a custom order for you. 

Rolex Datejust Diamond Mother of Pearl Ladies Watch

A rare and beautiful Rolex watch. Diamond encrusted bezel. 31mm diameter. Stainless Steel. Reference no. 178384.

Types of Diamond Watches with Gold

There is no shortage of options when it comes to gold and diamond watches. From rose gold diamond watches to yellow gold diamond watches and everything in between, you’ll be thrilled at the wide selection of diamond watches that we carry at Roman Malakov.

It’s important to remember that real diamond watches are an investment and something that will last for decades. But if you’re looking for an everyday watch versus a luxury diamond watch, that will greatly affect the watch’s features, specs, and price points. With the ever-increasing popularity of pre-owned watches, you’ll enjoy having iconic timepieces to switch out wearing as often as you desire. 

When beginning to explore the perfect watches in NYC, narrow down your budget and main goals and plans for the watch. Next, consider the various features and overall style that you want your watch to have. For instance, a modern gold watch will look and feel different than a vintage diamond watch. Additionally, review the watch’s overall aesthetic and think about how and when you plan to wear it. A daily watch will need a metal coating or finish that is different than a luxury watch reserved for formal events. At the same time, a daily watch should be a color of gold that you regularly wear, rather than a unique gold color that you only wear on special occasions.

In your quest for the best watch store in NYC, be sure to start your search at Roman Malakov. Our convenient location in the Diamond District is easy to find and has a wide selection of the most stunning diamond watches that are perfect for your jewelry box. From Cartier to Rolex and so much more, our estate watches will take your breath away and make you excited to check the time.

Omega Diamond Manual Wind Ladies Wristwatch, 18 Karat White Gold.

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