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0.35 Carat Total Green Emerald Five Stone Ring in White Gold
  • $1,935.00
0.35 Carats Total Oval Cut Green Emerald Solitaire Wedding Band in Yellow Gold
  • $850.00
4.70 Carats Total Oval Cut Green Emerald East-West Eternity Wedding Band in White Gold
  • $15,000.00
7.43 Carats Total Oval Cut Ruby East-West Eternity Wedding Band in Rose Gold
  • $16,500.00
4.26 Carats Total Mixed Cut Halo Gemstone Wedding Band Ring in White Gold
  • $11,890.00
4.74 Carats Oval Cut Ruby and Diamonds Halo Eight Stone Wedding Band in White Gold
  • $11,650.00
1.66 Carats Total Round Pink Sapphire and Diamond Five Stone Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $6,125.00
0.40 Carat Total Round Cut Emerald & Diamond Wedding Band in White Gold
  • $1,890.00
1.88 Carats Total Round Cut Blue Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Band in White Gold
  • $4,065.00
6.10 Carats Total Alternating Green Emerald and Blue Sapphire Eternity Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $16,250.00
3.59 Carats Total Round Cut Ruby and Diamond Reversible Eternity Wedding Band in Palladium
  • $7,350.00
7.66 Carat Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire Eternity Wedding Band Ring in White Gold
  • $9,832.00
1.91 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Blue Sapphire Eternity Wedding Band in White Gold
  • $3,600.00
5.43 Carats Total Emerald Cut Blue Sapphire Eternity Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $11,000.00
7.18 Carat Oval Cut Blue Sapphire Halo Eternity Wedding Band Ring in White Gold
  • $14,800.00

Best Gemstone Wedding Rings from Roman Malakov

If you and your partner are interested in wedding ring sets, you may enjoy some of our uniquely-shaped wedding bands that line up beautifully with a number of our stunning engagement rings. You may also wish to purchase stacking wedding rings for a more modern and distinguished look, or you may prefer diamond wedding rings to be gifted for an anniversary rather than at the time of your wedding. Some wedding ring sets can be added to over time, while other wedding bands can become right-hand rings as they are replaced with upgraded versions.

Picking out a wedding ring is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. It is a small detail in a big day, but the choice you make will be with you for the entirety of your marriage. Some love the simple look of a non-eternity wedding band while others enjoy the sparkle of an eternity ring. However, if your personal style is a little more unique or you want to make a bolder statement with your everyday jewelry, you may opt for a gemstone wedding band.

Gemstone wedding rings can be designed like eternity rings (where the stones surround the entire band) or not, and will commonly have diamonds integrated with the gemstones for a more luxurious look. No matter what type of gemstone you want to be included in your colored gemstone wedding band, and no matter what style and design you choose for your diamond and gemstone wedding band setting, Roman Malakov has an incredible selection and is committed to helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Gemstone Wedding Rings

While some couples love to get matching sets, others may have a unique personal style that they want to be embodied in their wedding bands. You and your soon-to-be spouse may opt for complementary gemstone wedding rings, or you may wish for a colored gemstone wedding band while your spouse selects something different.

One of the most popular gemstone choices for these colored gemstone wedding bands is sapphire, a rich, deep blue gemstone that signifies protection, honor, truth, health, and commitment. It’s an excellent choice for a diamond and gemstone wedding band because of its meaning, and it is absolutely stunning in appearance. You may love a gemstone wedding band with alternating diamonds and sapphires, or one with two rows of stones: one full of diamonds and the other full of sapphires. If you want your gemstone wedding ring to be exceptionally unique and bold, you may prefer an eternity ring that is purely sapphires with no diamonds.

If sapphires are not the sparkle you had your heart set on, we also have a number of gemstone wedding ring options that include other stones, such as rubies (a symbol for passion) and emeralds (also known as the “stone of successful love”). You might love a diamond and gemstone wedding band with alternating diamonds and emeralds, or you may prefer the look of an eternity gemstone wedding band lined only with emeralds. Additionally, you can explore bold and luxurious options, such as a ruby and diamond wedding band with emerald-cut stones that alternate.

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Exploring your options for a gemstone wedding band should be extremely exciting, and we want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. With a lot of options for settings, gemstone and diamond patterns, and metal choices, it can get overwhelming quickly, but we’re here to help. For a thinner band that is subtle in its chicness, you may prefer a channel setting for your diamond and gemstone wedding band. Milgrain edges are a popular choice for some added flair to a channel-set ring as well. Bezel set rings and pave settings are also great options for gemstone wedding ring settings. Prong settings are always stunning, particularly with an open gallery, and they are a beautiful choice of setting style for gemstone wedding rings.

You may wish to further customize your colored gemstone wedding band by selecting your favorite metal for your ring. Most of our gemstone wedding rings are available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum, but it’s best to check with one of our gemstone wedding band experts to be sure you can purchase the ring of your choice in your favorite metal option.

Radiate Beauty with a Gemstone Wedding Ring from Roman Malakov

Everyday elegance is the name of the game when it comes to diamond and gemstone wedding bands. Our gorgeous selection of gemstone wedding rings will have you even more excited about picking out the perfect ring for your own wedding day, and our experts would love to help you make that decision. Come in to one of Roman Malakov’s New York City locations or shop online at any time to find the perfect colored gemstone wedding band.