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1.10 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Bangle in White Gold
  • $4,250.00
2.02 CaratsTotal Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Bangle in White Gold
  • $8,595.00
1.02 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Bangle in White Gold
  • $4,410.00
2.63 Carat Total Alternating Blue Sapphire and Diamond Bangle in White Gold
  • $8,600.00
2.78 Carat Total Round Diamond Eternity Bangle Bracelet in Yellow Gold
  • $6,200.00
2.79 Carat Total Round Diamond Eternity Bangle Bracelet in Rose Gold
  • $6,200.00
4.76 Carat Total Round Cut Diamond Eternity Bangle Bracelet in White Gold
  • $8,900.00
3.84 Carat Baguette Cut Sapphire with Diamond Bangle Bracelet in White Gold
  • $8,625.00
3.12 Carat Total Brilliant Round Shape Diamond Bangle Bracelet in White Gold
  • $9,975.00

Women’s Diamond Bangles

Diamond bangle bracelets are simply stunning, no matter the diamond's setting or design. Some prefer extremely thin diamond bangle bracelets lined with diamonds, while others prefer thicker bangle bracelets with smaller diamond accents. Regardless of your preferences, Roman Malakov’s diamond bangle bracelet selection is sure to delight.

From thin, diamond-lined bangle bracelets to unique wrap-style bangle bracelets to thicker diamond-accented bangle bracelets, we have it!. The versatility is endless, making us certain you’ll find something perfect for your personal style preferences.

Gold Bangle Bracelets with Diamonds

Gold bangle bracelets have been around for thousands of years, and yet they still offer a stylish and modern look to any outfit. Bangle bracelets are even part of traditional wedding attire in some cultures, but a gold bangle bracelet with diamonds can be a magnificent statement piece for any formal event. With that said, women’s gold bangle bracelets can also be worn for a more laid-back look with everyday wear. No matter the occasion, a diamond bangle bracelet can add a classy and stylish accent to your outfit.

So, what is a bangle bracelet? Bangle bracelets refer to the circular and closed style of bracelets that can be worn singularly or stacked together for a more dramatic look. Bangle bracelets come in styles such as cuff bangle bracelets and hinged bracelets so that their sturdy design fits any wrist. A gold-hinged bangle bracelet, for instance, allows for an easier clasp and opening for a more perfect fit. 

Women’s Diamond Bangle Bracelets with Solid Gold

When selecting a women’s bangle bracelet, it can help to know the size of your wrist to find diamond bangles most suitable for you. Next, you’ll want to consider all the different variations of the bracelets, such as the specific styles, metals, and designs available.

A diamond bangle bracelet comes in thin and thick styles and can feature various diamond shapes and sizes to suit any style or occasion. For example, you can wear a thick gold bangle bracelet individually or stacked, depending on the style and fashion. A gold bangle bracelet with diamonds may come in yellow or white gold. Bangle bracelets set in yellow gold can offer a more vintage, traditional, or even bohemian look, while white gold bangle bracelets tend to have a more modern appeal. Real gold bangle bracelets elevate a casual outfit and can be worn in a variety of settings. You may also be interested in a solid gold bangle bracelet with diamonds or other gemstone accents for a diamond bangle bracelet to wear to a fancy occasion or event.  

Shop Gold Bangle Bracelets at Roman Malakov

Gold bangle bracelets make up the majority of bangle selections at most jewelers and it is no different at Roman Malakov. Our gold bangle bracelets can usually be customized in your choice of gold (yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold). Match all your jewelry pieces to get that perfect matched look to be more eccentric and have variety in your collection.