Radiant Cut vs. Emerald Cut Diamond

radiant cut vs. emerald cut

If you’ve ever done an online search for diamond shapes, you may have been surprised at the number of options. Including traditional and fancy options, there are ten different shapes that diamonds and other stones can be cut into! Each shape has its own defining characteristics and unique benefits, particularly when it comes to the overall appearance. 

When you see a radiant cut vs. emerald cut stone separately, they may not look drastically different from one another because they both have similar rectangular shapes. But when you view them side by side, especially when they are loose diamonds not in a setting, you’ll see the differences almost immediately. Let’s explore some of the similarities and differences between radiant vs. emerald shaped stones. 

Radiant Cut Diamonds

radiant cut diamond

The radiant cut diamond is one of the newer stone shapes as it was designed in 1977. Its rectangular shape is gorgeous and is viewed as sort of a combination of the round brilliant cut and the emerald cut, taking on the best characteristics of each shape. The shape and number of facets on the bottom of the stone create exceptional brilliance, leading to the incredible sparkle that these stones are known for. Radiant stones have beveled corners, making them less prone to chipping and better suited for those with active lifestyles. While the most common radiant cut stones are rectangular, some may be closer to a square, slightly resembling a princess cut stone. 

Emerald Cut Diamonds

radiant cut diamond vs emerald

Emerald cut diamonds are one of the most traditional and classic of all shapes. They were first created in the 1500s and are most commonly associated with the Art Deco era, when geometric shapes and patterns were popular. This cut is characterized by a rectangular shape with beveled corners and step-cut facets that create the iconic emerald-cut look. While emerald cut stones won’t give off the typical sparkle of other diamond shapes, they create a timeless look of elegance and luxury.

Radiant Cut vs. Emerald Cut Diamonds

When it comes to comparing radiant cut vs. emerald stones, which one you choose will come down to personal preference. However, there are some factors to consider that can help you decide. Let’s take a look at some differences between radiant and emerald cut stones. 

Radiant vs. Emerald Facets

One of the most defining differences between a radiant cut diamond vs. emerald is the facets. Radiant stones have 70 triangular-shaped facets underneath that radiate in a circular arrangement, bringing about gorgeous brilliance and sparkle. On the other hand, emerald cut diamonds have between 50 and 58 step-cut facets that are parallel to each other, which creates more of a mirror-like design that brings about flashes of light rather than constant sparkle. 

Radiant vs. Emerald Clarity

Generally speaking, emerald cut stones will show more inclusions than radiant stones. This is because of the way they are cut and how they reflect light. But when comparing the clarity of radiant vs. emerald cut diamonds, it is primarily about preference. 

If you want an emerald cut stone, you may need to find a stone with a slightly better clarity grade, but it will be worth it to have a beautifully cut emerald-shaped diamond. Alternatively, if you prefer the look of the radiant stone, you may be able to get away with a lower clarity grade while still achieving optimal sparkle. Regardless of which shape you choose, the goal is to choose one that is eye-clean, meaning it has no visible inclusions when looked at with the naked eye.

Radiant Cut Diamond vs. Emerald Cut 

The actual cut of the stone refers to the depth or shallowness of the stone rather than the overall shape. However, in the case of radiant and emerald cut stones, the different cuts also impact the actual shape of the stone, especially in regards to how square or rectangular a stone appears. 

The quality and grade of the stone’s cut are always important but particularly crucial with these uniquely cut diamond shapes. Whether you want a square or rectangular-shaped stone, be sure the depth of the facets is optimal and that the cut is highly graded so you get the most sparkle in your stone. 

Radiant Cut vs. Emerald : Color

If you’re opting for a fancy-colored diamond, this factor won’t play much of a role. But if you’re searching for a white or colorless diamond, you’ll want to consider a variety of color grades. When it comes to radiant cut vs. emerald cut stones, your flexibility with color grades will vary. An emerald cut diamond will have less of a concentration of color due to its cut, meaning you can go with a lower color grade without it looking like it has too much color. 

Radiant Cut vs. Emerald Cut Size and Weight 

The radiant cut diamond was actually designed to make a stone look as big as possible without sacrificing brilliance. It succeeded. In fact, when it comes to radiant vs. emerald diamonds, they both tend to look larger than same-carat stones of a different shape. This is due to their table-top appearance and rectangular shape. If you’re looking for a stone that looks larger than its actual carat weight, you can’t go wrong with a radiant or emerald cut diamond

Personal Style

Every factor mentioned above should be taken into consideration when comparing radiant cut vs. emerald cut diamonds. However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal style and preferences. Vintage settings and styles generally lend themselves to emerald cut diamonds, whereas more modern jewelry often pairs better with radiant cut stones. Emerald diamonds are generally a little quieter, while radiant diamonds are sometimes seen as more flashy. What’s more, emerald cut diamonds will appear larger and radiant cut diamonds will sparkle more.

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