Old Mine Cut Diamond vs European Cut Comparison

If you have ever searched for antique cut diamonds, you’ve likely come across the old mine cut (OMC) and old European cut (OEC). These are the two most popular antique cuts for diamonds, and they both provide breathtaking stones unmatched in beauty. 

While they have similar roots and approaches, these two cuts create different final looks in diamonds. They are both highly sought-after, becoming increasingly rare with the increased love for all things antique. 

Take a look at the details and features of old mine cut diamonds, compare them to European cut diamonds, and explore our gorgeous antique jewelry at Roman Malakov today.

old mine cut diamond vs. European cut

What Is an Old Mine Cut Diamond? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is an old mine cut diamond?” you’re not the only one. These gorgeous stones have intrigued jewelry connoisseurs and others for decades. Hand-cut by candlelight in the 1800s, old mine cut diamonds are unique, beautiful, and true works of art. 

They look similar to today’s cushion cut diamond in overall shape, but they can be found in variations of that shape and style. Because they were cut by hand, the old mine diamond cut often features a smaller table than we’re used to seeing in modern diamonds and have the iconic antique culet. The culet is the point at which all the facets converge at the bottom of the stone, but antique diamonds have a flat and polished culet, displaying a small circle within the stone. Only OMC and OEC diamonds have this, and antique jewelry aficionados love to see it in their diamonds. 

Additionally, OMC diamonds have a more deeply slanted pavilion, and their crowns are also more angled, making these diamonds look taller than modern diamonds. The diamond’s girdle is the widest part of the stone where the pavilion and crown meet. Old mine cut stones typically have unpolished girdles and tend to be larger than those on modern diamonds. 


Where diamonds come from and how they are extracted has changed slightly over the years, but old mine cut diamonds are named as such because they came directly from diamond mines. During the time when this cut was developed, diamonds were coming primarily from India and Brazil, which are the oldest known mines in the industry. 


Old mine cut diamonds have a cushion cut appearance, but they can vary a great deal from stone to stone. Because they were cut by hand and each diamond cutter had different levels of expertise, knowledge, and ability, each stone is completely unique. 

That said, these cuts have broad facets and a smaller table, and they almost always have rounded corners. Some are more square or even round in appearance, while the most sought-after OMC diamonds are more rectangular and elongated in shape.

old mine cut diamond

Old Mine Cut Diamond vs. European Cut Diamond

When exploring antique high jewelry, people often compare old mine cut diamonds vs. European cut diamonds. They have many similarities in their origin and creation, but they are quite different in appearance. 

As mentioned, OMC diamonds are a cushion shape, with rounded edges and a more elongated appearance. Old European cut diamonds, on the other hand, are nearly perfectly round. Both stones were hand-cut by candlelight, so they were made to enhance the flashes of light with natural beauty, larger facets, and a taller crown.

Many use these two terms interchangeably, particularly because they have similar features. However, the old mine cut was created and utilized first, from as early as the 1700s and into the 1860s. It was around that time when the European cut was created and began growing in popularity. While the OMC is considered the origin of diamond cuts as we know them today, OEC is the bridge between the mine cut and the brilliant cut of modern diamonds.

european cut diamond

Shop Old Mine Cut Diamonds at Roman Malakov

OMC diamonds are the perfect stone for someone who values quality craftsmanship, a unique and stunning appearance, and a perfect antique look. Old mine cut diamond rings, like this Old Mine Cut Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, are exclusive and stand out distinctly from modern rings. Earrings are also hugely popular jewelry pieces featuring OMC diamonds. These Antique Old Mine Diamond Cut Halo Drop Earrings are a gorgeous statement piece. But perhaps your taste is more suited to diamond studs, in which case these 2.31 Carat Old Mine Cut Diamond Stud Earrings.

When deciding between an old mine cut diamond vs. European cut diamond, you have a lot to consider. Buying an antique diamond has a different process than buying a modern diamond, such as approaching the 4Cs of diamond quality in a completely different way. The jewelry professionals at Roman Malakov have what it takes to help you make the best choice for you. You can book an appointment or visit Roman Malakov in person right in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District.