Iconic Oscars Jewelry Pieces

Red carpet looks are meant to stand out. Whether you’re looking to the celebrities who are known for performances in movies, on television, in the recording studio, or on the stage, red carpet events are a great place to search for fashion trends and style inspiration. Most award shows have their fair share of outliers when it comes to clothing selection and jewelry preferences, but certain styles are incredibly popular in celebrity circles, and they become those iconic looks that people talk about for years.

Best Red Carpet Jewelry Pieces at Roman Malakov

We believe that everyone is capable of achieving the classy and sophisticated looks that are seen on the red carpet each awards season, and our jewelry selection includes several pieces that are inspired by the best red carpet jewelry.

Pear-Shaped Drop Earrings

For several years, pear-shaped drop earrings have been hugely prominent on the red carpet. The Oscars are always flooded with stars that wear every variation of these famous earrings, such as Penelope Cruz, Sally Hawkins, Jane Fonda, Julie Andrews, Lady Gaga, and many others. The pear shape has continued its reign of popularity, and many celebrities are choosing to rock the pear shape in the form of drop earrings. Some women will pair these red carpet earrings with other pieces with pear-shaped stones, while others choose to let the earrings speak for themselves: This shape epitomizes stylish, chic sophistication, especially when worn with a classy up-do.

6.15 Carats Total Pear Shaped Gemstone and Diamond Halo Drop Earrings

Diamonds and other gemstones are the most common choices for the main stone in these drop earrings, and nearly every combination of gemstone and drop design has been worn on the red carpet. Our favorite variation of the pear-shaped drop earrings is our gemstone and diamond halo drop earrings. Color-rich pear shape orange and green sapphire, set in an open-work double halo design. Suspended on a green pear shape sapphire halo. The sparkle and elegance of these red carpet earrings is simply unmatchable, and you’ll look just as glamorous as the red carpet beauties that have worn this look in the past.


If your birthday is in May (and even if it isn’t), you may be wondering why emeralds seem to be popping up everywhere nowadays. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike have discovered the true beauty of emerald stones and the gorgeous jewelry pieces that come about when they are paired with diamonds, gorgeous metals, and other precious gemstones. From earrings to rings to necklaces, emeralds adorn some of the most beautiful red carpet jewelry out there. Debra Messing, Zoe Kravtiz, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Chastain, Vanessa Hudgens, and countless others have been seen with stunning green emeralds on the red carpet. The upward trend in emerald pieces on celebrities affirms our belief that emeralds aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and they will continue to be a timeless and elegant way to dress up any look.

Our top choice for a variation on emerald red carpet jewelry is our emerald and diamond halo drop necklace. The oval cut emerald is gloriously surrounded by not one but two stunning diamond halos. The focal point of this 18-karat white gold necklace is suspended by a round diamond, which is also surrounded by a diamond halo. The diamonds-by-the-yard chain makes this piece even more beautiful, and it can be lovingly worn with any little black dress or other elegant attire.


1.28 Carats Total Oval Cut Green Emerald and Diamond Halo Drop Necklace

Pendant Necklaces

Depending on the current styles, necklaces may be extremely common or shockingly rare during awards season. Sometimes, celebrities prefer to let their dresses and other jewelry speak for themselves and choose to go without a necklace. Other times, thin and dainty necklaces are the perfect touch of gentle sparkle, while a large, chunky necklace brings bold energy to a look.

One of the best red carpet jewelry trends we’ve seen is the pendant necklace. The perfect shape for nearly any neckline and with as many variations as you can dream of, pendant necklaces are classic pieces that every woman should own. Amanda Seyfried, Amy Adams, Lana Del Ray, and Charlize Theron are just a few of the A-list celebrities who have adorned themselves with stunning pendant necklaces during a red carpet event.

Oval Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace

Roman Malakov’s gemstone and diamond halo pendant necklace is unquestionably red-carpet-worthy. An oval cut gemstone of your choosing is encircled by round cut diamonds that sparkle and shine with no comparison. The white gold mounting makes this piece versatile, and your selection of the gemstone of your choice will make it your new favorite necklace. Select a stunning emerald, a striking ruby, or a spectacular sapphire as your focal stone, and you’ll be ready for your next formal affair in no time, with a glamorous piece of Oscars jewelry in tow.

Tennis Bracelets

Red carpet jewelry is often bold, flashy, and specific to current trends. However, one of the most underrated iconic jewelry pieces for formal events is the always-classy tennis bracelet. Subtle yet stunning and timeless yet trendy, tennis bracelets are an excellent addition to nearly any outfit and have absolutely earned their place on the red carpet. Whether an actress is looking for a more understated display of style or utilizing several pieces to contribute to an overall stunning and sparkle-filled look, a tennis bracelet is a great choice. Reese Witherspoon, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, and Elizabeth McGovern have embraced the stunning simplicity of tennis bracelets on the red carpet, and many others are sure to do the same in the future.


4.66 Carat Total Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold

From thin and delicate to wide and bold, tennis bracelets are iconic in their look but versatile in their design options. One of our favorite tennis bracelets that mimics the iconic Oscars jewelry is our round diamond tennis bracelet in white gold. With nearly 10 carats of diamonds across the bracelet, it sparkles and shines with perfection. The bracelet is made of stunning 18-karat white gold, and the round brilliant-cut diamonds are set in four prongs each, making this 7-inch bracelet a must-have for any woman.

Collars and Chokers

While pendant necklaces still have their place on the red carpet, collars and chokers have seen a significant uptick at the Oscars and other Hollywood events and are officially iconic pieces of jewelry. The different styles and designs available in these necklace types are as varied as those wearing them, but one thing rings true for them all: Individual style and personality should shine through the piece. Wrap-around diamond chokers, chain chokers, and gemstone-adorned collars are meant to exude personality and complement the wearer’s outfit and additional accessories. 

Collars and chokers can be found with just about style preference, with any metal, and with all types of gemstones. They can be dainty and delicate or chunky and bold, so long as they fit your personality and make you smile. If you’re looking to replicate this iconic look of Oscars jewelry, check out our Black and White Diamond Choker Necklace.This piece has interchangeable center piece with green emeralds, ruby, or blue sapphire. It is sure to look incredible alongside your most elegant apparel or with a statement little black dress for your next night on the town. 

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