The Ultimate Guide to Emerald Cut Eternity Band

emerald cut diamond

With a classic look, timeless beauty, and glamorous sparkle, emerald cut eternity bands stand out among other ring styles. Geometric sleekness and clean elegance define eternity bands with emerald cut diamonds, making them an excellent choice for wedding bands, engagement rings, right-hand rings, and more.

What Is an Emerald Cut Diamond? 

Emerald cut diamonds are easily identifiable by their large table (top) and their deep pavilion (bottom). They are also called step cut diamonds due to the “steps” of facets all around them. The parallel step cut facets on the bottom of these stones create a luxurious hall of mirror effect. The way the facets are laid out on the stone brings the eyes to the center, where beautiful clarity is emphasized by the sparkling reflections of light.

Over 500 years ago, the emerald cut was created, and its original intention was to highlight the rich color of green emeralds with its step-cut facets. This cut required only low pressure from the stone cutters, which protected the stones from damage and brought about a gorgeous cut. Since then, the emerald cut has been utilized with other stones, including the diamond. This cut was exceptionally popular during the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s, but its geometric lines and shapes have continued to secure adoration by jewelry lovers everywhere. 

Emerald cut diamonds look so uniquely different from other cuts and shapes that they have consistently maintained a spot in the top most popular choices for wedding bands and engagement rings. Perhaps the most stunning way to adorn your hand with emerald cut diamonds is with an emerald cut eternity band.

What To Consider When Buying an Emerald Cut Eternity Band 

When you’re looking for an emerald cut wedding band or eternity band, three main considerations should be taken into account: color, ratio, and clarity. Each factor will play a role in creating the overall final look of the ring, and each should be explored thoroughly with the assistance of a jewelry professional to ensure optimal beauty in your final piece.


The Gemological Institute of America grades all diamonds based on something called the 4 Cs of diamonds. These factors include cut, carat, clarity, and color. Colorless diamonds are generally considered ideal, and these include diamonds with a color grade of D, E, or F. Most people, even professional jewelers, cannot generally see any differences with the naked eye in these three color grades. The next grouping of colors includes those with a grade of G, H, I, or J, which are considered near-colorless. These have only tiny traces of color in them—often not noticeable to the naked eye. Additionally, diamonds in this near-colorless category are best set in white gold or platinum, as the color of the metal will typically remove any minor trace of color.


Since emeralds are not perfectly round or square, they are often presented with a ratio alongside their carat weight. Most emerald cut stones are rectangular, with a ratio of 1:1.3 up to 1:1.5. The ratio doesn’t play a major role in the overall look of the stone, aside from personal preference. The smaller the ratio, the more square the stone will be, and the larger the ratio, the more rectangular and elongated it will be.


While color and ratio are both important, clarity is your big ticket item when it comes to an emerald cut diamond. Because of how these stones are cut, minor imperfections can often be seen with the naked eye, meaning you need to select a stone higher on the clarity scale. The top four clarity grades (FL, IF, VVS1, and VVS2) are all eye-clean and make great choices for emerald cut diamonds. 

Examples of Emerald Cut Eternity Bands 

Most commonly, emerald shaped diamonds are used in emerald cut diamond wedding bands. While these rings may not always be purchased at the start of a marriage, they are common anniversary gifts later on. 

The most traditional and classic emerald eternity band contains vertical diamonds, with the longer sides of the stones against each other. As with all eternity bands, the diamonds go all the way around the ring, meaning optimal fit from the start is essential. This Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band comes in platinum and is available in a range of prices based on diamond carat, color, and clarity. 


8.03 Carats Total Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

If you’re looking for an emerald cut eternity band in yellow gold, Roman Malakov has you covered. For a timeless and classically elegant look, this Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Yellow Gold is also available at various price points based on the clarity, color, and carat of the diamonds. 

If you desire a unique take on the emerald cut eternity band, envision changing the direction of the diamonds. This Emerald Cut Diamond Horizontal Wedding Band sets the diamonds end-to-end for a luxurious take on this traditional style. Set in platinum with 8.75 carats worth of diamonds, this ring is currently available in a size 6.25, but similar custom pieces can be created at various price ranges. 

5.73 Carats Total Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Eternity Wedding Band

For perhaps the most glamorous emerald cut wedding band available, look no further than Roman Malakov’s gorgeous emerald diamond band with each diamond encircled by a stunning halo of diamonds. This Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Eternity Wedding Band has nearly six carats of emerald cut stones and close to one carat of brilliant diamonds encasing the larger stones. This ring sparkles like nothing else and will look absolutely striking on anyone’s finger.


What does an eternity band symbolize?

An eternity band is a never-ending circle that symbolizes never-ending love, commitment, and devotion. Eternity bands are often selected as wedding bands because of the symbolism and constant reminder of your everlasting love.

Is an emerald cut classy?

The emerald cut diamond is, without a doubt, one of the classiest stones available. It exudes elegance, luxury, and exclusivity, and it boasts a confidence and beauty that no other stones come close to.

What band goes with an emerald cut?

If your engagement ring has an emerald cut center stone, many bands will look great with it. An emerald cut diamond band pairs well with an emerald cut center stone, and many other eternity and half-eternity bands will look wonderful as well. Additionally, sometimes a plain band will make the emerald cut diamond pop and stand out even more. It all depends on what style and look you’re seeking. If you’re still uncertain, consult with a Roman Malakov jeweler.

Can you use an eternity ring as a wedding band?

Yes! In fact, that’s one of the most popular ways to wear an eternity ring. They can be worn as right-hand rings too, but many people choose to wear them as a symbol of their eternal love and marriage.

When should you have an eternity ring?

Eternity rings are commonly given as a gift for milestone moments in a person’s life, such as an engagement, wedding, important anniversary, the birth of a baby, graduation, and so on. Eternity rings are beautiful and are sure to become a cherished piece of anyone’s personal jewelry collection. 

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