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A diamond cuts means to bring it into such a shape by cutting and polishing that it can be presented according to human needs and As desired. It is carved so that it can be cut in the best possible way to have a beautiful symmetrical shape and then it is properly polished to allow maximum light penetration and Can be reflected from there.


Proper cutting and polishing of a diamond enhances its beauty and will look more beautiful and brilliant the more it is subjected to the best and most technical cutting and polishing steps. However, if a diamond is not properly cut or polished, it will look not very interesting and far beyond its beauty.


diamond cuts and shapes


During cutting and polishing, this factor must be seen to be cut or trimmed in such a way that maximum light can be completely reflected from it.


How do you cut diamonds?


Cutting a normal piece of jewelry or Metal and cutting a diamond is a completely different process. Each Metal or stone can only be properly cut and crossed by an expert. Similarly, precious stones like diamonds are also cut with precision and skill by an authentic and skilled craftsman.


Diamonds are always passed through various stages for cut sorting. Its cutting and sorting process consists of five main parts. First, it is planned how you want it to be thought out according to your needs, then it is cleaving, bruting, polished, and finally inspected. After passing through all these steps, the diamond is sent for further evaluation and graded at 4Cs.



Difference Between Diamond Cut and Diamond Shape


There is a clear difference between diamond shape and diamond cut. Diamond cutting means that it is cut and polished in such a way that light can be absorbed and refracted as much as possible from its different facets and surfaces.



Different Types of Diamond Cuts


The more valuable and good the Diamond is, the more cutting and grading it takes to improve its quality. And it is usually called Diamond cut grade. This grade is  examined on a different number of categories and some other aspects such as brilliance, symmetry, polish, and fire and ranges from excellent to poor.


different type diamon cuts and shape

The quality of the Diamond is always improved to enhance its brilliance and beauty.  Because the better and more appropriate the cut of the Diamond, the more buyers and sellers will consider paying the higher asking price.


Excellent Diamond Cut


Any diamond that has been cut to perfection and polished to perfection and is beautiful to look at in every way, with an outstanding brilliance, is called an excellent Diamond Cut.


It refers to a diamond that has been cut in such a way that its corners, its center, and all its surfaces have been cut in such a way that they will best accommodate and reflect light. After that, it will be the most beautiful Diamond after the best luster consistency.


Such a Diamond is said to be an ideal diamond as it is capable of refracting almost all light that enters it, and its composition makes it beautiful.


Good Diamond Cut


It is a diamond that has been cut and polished in such a way that it reflects and allows the maximum amount of light to enter it.  But such a diamond does not have the same amount of sparkle that is found in a perfect cut diamond or a very good diamond cut.


But it can be a good choice for people who have a normal budget and want to opt for an easy-to-compare diamond.


Very Good Diamond Cut


In terms of quality and brilliance, it has also proven to be a fine-cut diamond. Still, a very good-cut diamond is almost identical or almost identical in terms of beauty and quality to a fine-cut diamond.


This is because it is cut and polished in such a way that the more light that hits it, the more light it is able to reflect and enter as much as possible.

It depends on the cut of each Diamond and how it is cut. The way to make a better cut and polish is to absorb more light and reflect it.

The more light it absorbs, the more it reflects, thus increasing the Diamond's brilliance and beauty.


But it costs a bit less than a high-quality diamond and is more of a hit with people trying to find a good cut at a lower price.


Fair Diamond Cut

It is a type of diamond cut that usually allows a small fraction of light to be absorbed and that small fraction. It is a great choice for people who want to add more carat weight than other items.


A fair-cut diamond can be a great choice for people who want to make a better selection for a higher carat weight In their fixed budget.


Poor Diamond Cut


This type of diamond has a deeper or shallower cut than other cut diamonds. For this reason it is also called a poor cut diamond.


And because it is not properly cut, it loses a large amount of light and does not allow much light to be absorbed into it and thus does not reflect when much light is not absorbed. The biggest advantage of this diamond is that it is available at a low cost.


This is because it costs significantly less than any other diamond cut grade because of a significant reduction in luster.





Why is there no option to select the 'cut grade' on fancy shapes?

A fancy-shaped diamond refers to a diamond that is not round in shape and size. Due to some technical reasons, Currently, according to the (GIA) Gemological Institute of America, cut grades for fancy-size diamonds are not being served. Still, research is underway to do so in the near future.


Why are round diamonds priced higher than other shapes?

Due to its cut and excellent polish, the round-cut diamond is known to be the most expensive as it requires extreme precision and raw materials to manufacture.


As a round-cut diamond is being cut, a large amount of rough stone is lost on the sides during the cutting process, and the remaining diamond is the purest, making it a more expensive cut. It goes and is understood.



Which diamond cut is the best?


The most beautiful diamond cut known among round-cut diamonds is the Coming round-cut diamond. The 60 to 62 facets of this diamond make it the most beautiful and distinctive of all diamonds.


The specialty and beauty of this type of diamond is that it will offer the perfect match in any setting and give the ultimate eye-catching sparkle.


Which diamond cut is the cheapest?


A diamond's cut and polishing determine the value and beauty of any diamond. When it comes to the cheapest diamonds, the two cheapest cuts at the moment are emeralds and Asscher diamonds because they are step-cut.


This may also be because when these diamonds are cut with a rough stone, they are less likely to shatter or lose. This does not at all mean that these two types of diamonds are in any way less beautiful; these brilliant designs are incredibly unique and are known for their charm and beauty in appearance.


Which diamond cut sparkles the most?

The diamond with the highest sparkle factor is the round-cut diamond. Because a standard-sized round-cut diamond has 60 or 62 facets, it allows more light to enter the diamond and thus from every facet. The more light that is absorbed, the more reflection will occur, and the more brightness will be produced.


If you are looking for a diamond that stands out in terms of brilliance and beauty, then we suggest you choose a round-cut diamond.