2024 Guide to the Hottest Jewelry Trends: Discovering the Hottest Jewelry Trends That You Must Know About

As 2019 comes to a close, fashionistas everywhere are preparing for the upcoming year of style, flair, and fashion with every aspect of their wardrobes, down to the smallest pieces in their jewelry collections. Just as with other areas of fashion, jewelry trends ebb and flow, as designers and celebrities alike embrace specific styles each season.

At the end of the calendar year, we look toward the upcoming months to implement the designs and styles that were all over the runways in recent months. Roman Malakov prides itself as being one of the leaders in jewelry trends and design, and we are always looking forward to the next big trend in jewelry. Join us as we look to 2020’s biggest jewelry trends that you must know about so you can look chic, fierce, and full of class all year long.
2024 Guide to the Hottest Jewelry Trends

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the Hottest Jewelry Trends 2024


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Colorful Jewelry

The runways were bustling with colorful, elaborate jewelry pieces in every color of the rainbow. Some designers mixed and matched colored gemstones, while others preferred to stick with one primary color for an entire jewelry set. This is the one jewelry trend fashionistas everywhere should be the most excited about, because it allows people who prefer minimalist looks to have something that truly adds that “wow” factor and pop of color that takes an outfit to the next level.

Colorful jewelry is often linked with costume jewelry, a less expensive and more playful design style, but this upcoming year is going to be different. High jewelry designers are embracing this jewelry trend by implementing bold, bright colors into every facet of their designs and pieces. Whether it’s the inclusion of brightly colored gemstones or integrating several different materials to make the most uniquely colorful jewelry yet, designers are thrilled to break the mold, skip over the rulebook, and allow themselves to be playful and intricate all at once.

Hottest Jewelry Trends


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Pearls have been a staple in jewelry trends, as their value has never wavered. Pearls signify quality, sophistication, and timelessness, and while they are still on par with all of those descriptions, designers are getting incredibly creative with their use of pearls, making them a must-list on our top jewelry trends for 2020.

Pearls are being used in everything in the world of fashion these days, from jewelry pieces (obviously) to nail accents to hair accessories and more. The simplicity of a strand of pearls comes as a surprise when a simple bag goes from casual classic to sophisticated edginess when pearls adorn the straps or edges of the bag. In regards to jewelry trends for 2020, you’ll see dangling earrings with a small pearl on the end, ornate chokers embellished with countless bold pearls, and striking accessories ornamented with pearls of varying sizes.

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Twist Dome Cocktail RingSpherical Shapes

With the inclusion of pearls and colorful details in many jewelry pieces, it’s no wonder that round, three-dimensional shapes have infiltrated this year’s designs and jewelry trends. Some are inspired by planets, some take their nods from Christmas ornaments, and others are simply reminiscent of sparkly crystal balls. The great thing about this jewelry trend is that it can be integrated into any piece of jewelry in any design style and with any material. Long earrings with a singular sphere on the end, necklaces with spheres on the back or as the primary pendant, and rings with planetary swirls and roundness are some of the most common ways we’ve seen this jewelry trend displayed.

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While still subtly reminiscent of one of the notable 1990s jewelry trends, chokers have been back in the spotlight for quite some time, and we don’t expect them to leave any time soon. Thinner, more delicate chokers are still a common jewelry trend these days, but 2020 is expected to usher in bolder and more ornate chokers that are sure to take the jewelry and fashion world by surprise. Most of the eye-catching chokers you’ll see this next year will be made out of yellow gold, and they may be extremely wide and shiny, or they may have multiple layers and levels that begin at the neckline. Other jewelry trends will be integrated as well, so you can expect to see chokers covered in pearls, bright-colored chokers, and chokers with spherical embellishments all over them.

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Long Necklaces

If chokers aren’t quite your style, rest assured that long necklaces are an up-and-coming jewelry trend for 2020 as well. The long, draping look of these necklaces is extremely classy and chic, and they can be dressed up or down for just about any wardrobe pairing. Y-style long necklaces, bolo necklaces, and lariat-style long necklaces are some of the most popular styles in this category of jewelry trends. Layering necklaces is a popular trend as well, so you may see some inclusion of long necklaces paired with chokers and shorter necklaces. Some embellishments we’re seeing with the long necklace include tassels, feathers, gemstones, pearls, crystals, and rhinestones. And if you’re still looking for something between the long necklace and choker, bold chain necklaces of varying lengths are a common style for 2020, as are bib-style necklaces that make a big statement.

If you’re ready to embrace your fashion-forward side and add some stunning new jewelry trend styles to your collection, count on Roman Malakov to help you pick out amazing jewelry pieces that are perfect for your personal style. We have a wide selection of all types of jewelry and would love to assist you in choosing your next favorite piece so you can stay in line with the jewelry trends of 2020 (and beyond). Contact Roman Malakov today by visiting us in store or shopping online now.